So why did we start Perpetual Parenting?

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Andrea and like a lot of parents, I used to push myself everyday to do all the things that I perceived would make my family happy.


Guess what happened? The lifestyle I was leading was unsustainable and my health took a turn for the worse. Once I realised I couldn't continue torturing my mind and body, and that the world wouldn't end if I let things go, I started reflecting on what led me to this point.  

Most people I had surrounded myself with were amazing people trying to be perfect parents and high functioning members of the community but who decided what that should look like?  

That is when I decided to change the narrative and share with people that we are a normal family that struggles with finances, keeping the house clean, and staying cool when dealing with our kids. Parenting is amazing, frustrating, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time so let's all share our experiences in the Perpetual Parenting community.

Take care