Father's Day gift ideas for every type of Dad

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

With less than two weeks until Father's Day, you are either super organised or still sorting through the crazy ideas the kids are throwing at you. If you are still at a loss of what you are going to purchase then we have a few ideas for every type of dad that won't break the bank.

The BBQ Master

This dad is the self proclaimed king of the outdoor kitchen and may have partaken in a grilling course or two. He gets tense at other BBQs where he watches the cook like a hawk to make sure the meat is not over cooked and is placed on the grill in the right order. The local butcher has become his best mate and every time you consider buying BBQ meat from anywhere else he shuts you down with the death stare. If this isn't the dad in your family then you definitely know one so this apron for $34.95 may be the perfect gift for them.

The Man Child

So he is the dad that never grew up and plays with the kids toys more than they do. He is the one that gets the kids hyped up just before bedtime by chasing them around the house with a Nerf gun. He probably already has a suite of cool novelty toys and gadgets so what do you get him? This Marshmallow Shooter* combines fun and sugar which will hopefully end with the kids coming down from their sugar rush right before bedtime.

The Nerdy Dad

Given the hoards of fans visiting events like Comic Con, the reality is that there are a stack of nerdy dads out there. Anything science fiction or with super heroes is bound to spark their interest. This is the man that loves a good dad joke and has watched Star Wars multiple times. One of his parenting goals is for your bub to succumb to the dark side once they are old enough to know Yoda from Obi One. If you are happy to indulge his love of science fiction, then this matching outfit for dad and son might make him as happy as Han Solo with a ship full of Wookies!

The Fishing Guru

If he isn't out on the water most weekends then he is probably searching the net for fishing tips or watching master fishermen land the perfect catch. Either way you are probably not too keen on the waft of stinky fish coming from the door when he gets home from a day out. Why not give him the gift of being odour free with this De-Fishing Soap.

Let's not forget Grandad

If it isn't dad who plays the fathering role in your kids life then it's time to acknowledge the Grandads out there that do an awesome job. Whether they are known as Grandad, Poppy, Papa or Gramps, they can take up a very special place in our child's hearts and nurture our children to become amazing human beings. This cute and cheeky t-shirt might be the perfect gift to show how much your family cares.

Other Gift Ideas

Perhaps the father figure in your family doesn't fit any of these dad types and you are still looking for the perfect gift. Here are a few other ideas to help make Father's Day a little easier

This Wall Mounted Bottle Opener could make a handy addition to your outdoor entertaining area.

Maybe he isn't very athletic but has a good sense of humour?

For the guys who like to read, this book looks hilarious and has been rated 9.7 out of 10 by readers.

However you plan to celebrate Father's Day, be sure to show your appreciation to the important people in your child's life. Father's Day shouldn't be stressful and expensive so keep it simple and enjoy the day.

"Any fool can have a child. That doesn't make you a father. It's the courage to raise a child that makes you a father." - Barack Obama

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