Finances getting you down? Here are a few ways to make some cash

Firstly, I should point out that I don't have the secrets to make you a millionaire but I have come across a few ways to make a small amount of cash. Maybe you have some extra bills piling up or you are preparing for the expensive Christmas period, whatever the reason these ideas might help to ease the financial burden.

Sell items you don't need anymore

You probably have already thought of this one in the past and nothing you owned came to mind, but take a stroll around your house and garage, and I am sure you will find things you forgot you even owned. Maybe you were holding onto them because "one day" you might need them even though it hasn't seen the light of day in years. We have sold a number of items on Gumtree and they are usually snapped up within days if not in just a few hours. Make sure you don't have unrealistic expectations on price otherwise you could be disappointed.

If you don't have any items at home to sell, try scouting garage sales for a bargain. I have seen people pay for their family holidays by flipping a few items on Ebay or Gumtree.

Paid surveys

I had come across an article where an at home mum claimed to make $300 per month through paid surveys. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical so I thought I would see if it was possible and in one month I managed to make $130. Here's the catch, it can become time consuming, you may miss out if the quota has been filled and some sites limit the amount you can redeem. Here are the results

Pureprofile - I managed to earn the most from this site and they offer redemption for cash, vouchers and movie tickets. They do restrict cash withdrawals to $70 every 60 days which is what I managed to earn in the first month.

Toluna - This site doesn't offer cash but I did redeem my points for Coles vouchers. They don't seem to have a restriction on how much you can redeem and have a larger volume of surveys available than the other survey sites. In three weeks I was able to redeem $40 in vouchers.

Octopus Group - They claim to have the highest survey cash rate but they didn't offer the same quantity of surveys as the other survey sites. After six weeks I was able to redeem $20.

This option isn't for everyone but if you have the time and like completing surveys then it is worth a try.

Sell your skills

With such amazing tools to stay connected online, it has become easier than ever before to work from home. Whether you have in demand skills such as design and marketing or you are just really personable, there are a variety of jobs available through sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Jobs in customer service or as a virtual assistant can be very flexible and may even allow you to work a few hours after you put the kids to bed. If you do your research you may just find a great opportunity that suits your needs.

Save money

If creating an additional income stream isn't for you, then spending some time analysing your expenses may result in some extra cash in the bank. Every time I undertake this exercise I always manage to find a way to save or at least come to the realisation I have started splurging on things we really don't need. Searching for a better insurance deal and shopping around for groceries have been the easiest ways to reduce our expenditure.

These are a few methods we personally have had some experience with over the years which seem to be relatively easy to do. It certainly won't lead to early retirement but if you are after a few hundred dollars then these ideas can definitely deliver.

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