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Just like most families we are dealing with the many challenges that arise on a daily basis. The constant juggling of work, family, finances and life really hit home for us when my health started to suffer making me realise how crazy we had allowed our lives to become!

I always preferred to live a jam-packed, fast-paced life and didn't feel that sense of accomplishment unless I had delivered perfection in every aspect of my life. My career was of significant importance to me and I was going above and beyond everyday to deliver exceptional results. One of my managers kept telling me that "I would get the task done or die trying" which of course at the time I took as a complement but that really was the start of my decline into poor health.

It became apparent after a few months that I couldn't just push through it as I had done for several years juggling work and family so I began my mission to get answers. How could I possibly accept my fate when my family needed me to be the perfect parent? How could my household function if I wasn't able to keep the house clean and our schedule organised with military precision?

It took me a while to accept that there wasn't a magic pill that would allow me to return to my pursuit of perfection and that the life I was leading was just not sustainable. I reflected on everything that led me to that point in my life and why I felt that the lifestyle I was leading would bring me happiness. The reality is that it wasn't the only way to be happy, it was just a view I had formed of what being a perfect parent and a responsible member of society should look like.

I wasn't the only one being challenged during this difficult period. My husband was trying to support the family and pick up on the things I was struggling to do. He also felt the pressure to fast track the progression of his career so I could step back and focus on my health which could ultimately impact on his contribution to parenting duties which had always been so important to him.

I am pleased to say that we have moved though it and things are on the up and up! This experience is just one of many that families deal with on a daily basis and we feel blessed to have learnt some important life lessons from it. Our hope is by sharing our journey we can help other parents accept that society's view of a perfect parent is unrealistic and trying to live up to those expectations is likely to impact your quality of life.

Welcome to Perpetual Parenting! We hope to share in the joy, frustration, fun and exhaustion of being a parent.

All the best,


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